Business Gifts

For your customers, your prospects, your suppliers ... Offer them an original personalized gift either with the logo of your company or with a recorded message.




For staff parties, the celebration of a particular event of your company (a new product, a birthday, ...), customer meals and whatever the size, we offer a varied range, sober or full of fantasy.

Your Chocolate

Your chocolate everywhere in your company

You have a company restaurant and you want your provider to make desserts with the chocolate that you have chosen and packaged for him?

You have meeting rooms and you want to be able to offer during the meeting, chocolate eggs at Easter, napoliteans all year long?

Thanks to our new workshop dedicated to the companies, we can help you to make the chocolate according to your wishes starting from the bean which you have chosen until the final chocolate in the form which corresponds best to your desires.


Visit the Workshop

Are you looking for an event that can strengthen the bonds between your employees or just have a good time together?

Come visit our chocolate factory and test your skills as a chocolate artisan in our dedicated area.

We also offer a place with all the necessary equipment where you can continue tasting while working with your staff.

CSR approach

Corporate Social Responsibility

You wish to respect your economic responsibilities, to answer the needs of the company, to assure the transparency on the origin of the products which you serve to your customers, to your collaborators?

We can help you because we will look for our own beans in the places respectful of the workers and their working conditions.

Thanks to our manufacture, we manufacture your chocolate from the bean to the final product thus guaranteeing you the origin of your product.

In addition, we are concerned about the development of our suppliers. In this context, for example, we participated personally in the EIB's request for the replanting of cocoa trees in Haiti and the training of local workers to revive the production of cocoa beans.