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Discover our pralines, classics to the most eccentric. Pralines are studied with care for a perfect balance between chocolate and ganache. From the ethnic theme for the purists to the crazy theme for the more adventurous, everyone finds his account.

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Thème classique

Classique theme

  • CeylanX2


    Milk ganache with cinnamon from Sri Lanka and speculoos.

    Allergens : Milk, Gluten.

  • VanilleX2


    White ganache infused with bourbon vanilla.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Praliné croquant caféX2


    Crunched praline with broken roasted coffee.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • AnacardiaX2


    Provence almond paste with broken pistachios in its melting robe.

    Allergens : Nuts, Milk.

  • X2


    Crunchy alliance of hazelnut praline and shortbread coconut.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • NeroliX2


    Provence almond paste with orange blossom in its ivory dress.

    Allergens : Nuts, Milk

  • Caramel beurre saléX2

    Salted Butter Caramel

    Salted butter caramel coulis, milk chocolate.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • X2


    Crunchy alliance of a hazelnut praline from Piedmont and Val di Noto almonds.

    Allergens : Nuts, Milk.

Thème ethnique

Ethnique theme

  • PeruX2


    100% black ganache with beans from Peru.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • EcuadorX2


    100% black ganache with beans from Ecuador.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • CubaX2


    74% black ganache with beans from Cuba.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Madagascarx2


    64% black ganache with beans from the Sambirano valley in Madagascar.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Venezuelax2


    100% black ganache with beans from Venezuela.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Santo DomingoX2

    Santo Domingo

    64% black ganache with beans from Dominican Republic.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • BrasilX2


    62% black ganache with beans from Brésil.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • CarriacouX2


    64% black ganache with beans from Pomegranate Islands.

    Allergens : Milk.

Thème crazy

Crazy Theme

  • PécanX2


    Pecan praline marinated in soy sauce.

    Allergens : Nuts, Milk, Soy.

  • Smoked ricex2

    Smoked rice

    Ganache smoked with oak sawdust, crunchy rice and vanilla infusion. 

    Allergens : Milk.

  • ChanvreX2


    Praline almonds-hazelnuts and hemp seeds roasted.

    Allergens : Nuts, Milk.

  • Mojitox2


    White chocolate ganache with lime, infusion mint and white rum. 

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Vanille tabacx2

    Vanilla tobaco

    White chocolate ganache infused with vanilla bourbon and tobacco from Vincent Manil Semois. 

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Caramel OrvalX2

    Orval beer caramel

    Caramel dries to the famous Trappist beer of Orval brewed a few kilometers from the chocolate factory. 

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Cassis anisx2

    Blackcurrant Aniss

    Blackcurrant ganache with a touch of anise.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Carotte Kalamansix2

    Carrot Kalamansi

    White chocolate ganache with carrot juice and kalamansi juice.

    Allergens : Milk.

Thème fruits & fleurs

Fruits & Flowers Theme

  • Exotic Touchx2

    Exotic Touch

    Deglazed caramel with passion fruit, mango and coconut.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Bergamottex2


    Dark ganache infused with bergamot.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • LavandeX2


    Dark ganache infused with lavander.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Amorx2


    Dark ganache 68% with raspberry sauce.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Tropicanax2


    Combination of milk chocolate and passion fruit.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Fleur de mandarinex2

    Mandarine flower

    Emulsion of cream of dark chocolate flavored with mandarine flower.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • VioletteX2


    Emulsion of cream of dark chocolate flavored with violet flower.

    Allergens : Milk.

  • Griotte-CoquelicotX2

    Cherry - Poppy

    Ganache perfumed by cherry and poppy flower

    Allergens : Milk.