Our Chocolate desserts

From 4 people

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The Symphonie

Crispy praline, dark chocolat mousse, ivory mousse, milk chocolate mousse and a dark incing.

The Cesarus

Viennese chocolate biscuit, stewed cherries, velvety almonds, light black mousse from Madagascar.

Opal Coffee

Almond biscuit - heart of Guanaja, ivory coffee mousse, stewed orange - passion, creamy chocolate.

Dark Side (8 or 12 pers.)

Intense cocoa streuzel, light chocolate mousse from Ecuador, creamy chocolate from Venezuela.


Chocolate almond biscuit, vanilla and flambé poached pears, creamy salted butter caramel and chocolate mousse from Ecuador.

Le Guerande

Our Fruit Desserts

From 4 people

The Fraisier

Soft almond biscuit, stewed strawberry, sparkling strawberry, vanilla muslin.

The Framboisier

Soft almonds biscuit , sparkling raspberry, raspberry twisted biscuit, supreme white chocolate - lime.

The Ichang'is

Almond biscuit punches Yuzu and lime, creamy blackcurrant - violet, yoghurt mousse.

The Vanuatu (8 or 12 pers.)

Crunchy Almond Biscuit, Exotic Caramel, Bavarian Vanilla, Pineapple Confit.

The Malacca

Coconut dacquoise , creamy equatorial, coconut mousse, jelly mango - passion.

The Régal

The creation of the moment.

Our Macaroons Pies


Shortbread biscuit, vanilla mousse, creamy chocolate, chocolate macaroons.

Salted Butter Caramel

Shortbread biscuit, vanilla mousse, creamy salted butter caramel, salted butter caramel macaroons.

Red Fruits

Shortbread biscuit, vanilla mousse, creamy lemon, red fruit macaroons.


The creation of the moment.