Salted butter caramel chocolate cream (20 servings).

Haiti Milk 60%


Ingredients :

- 480g liquid cream

- 240g sugar

- 80g butter

- 3g fleur de sel

- 200g de drops Haiti Milk 60%






1. Heat the cream, butter and salt together.

2. At the same time, in another pan, make a dry caramel by pouring in the sugar little by little until you obtain a blond or even amber caramel.

3. Slowly add the hot cream and bring to the boil.

4. Leave to cool for about ten minutes.

5. Pour gradually over the chocolate drops. Mix well. Mix to perfect the emulsion.

6. Set aside in the refrigerator for a few hours. To serve, if the texture seems too firm, reheat slightly.

Enjoy !

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